All the details of where, why, who...

The person behind the camera matters.  Those are the eyes that you will use to see your memories with again, and again, and again... You have to genuinely like that person, trust that person, and know that they have your back with technical know-how and experience.

Munro Photography began in 2008 and has grown into an award winning, top rated, super nova of wedding and portrait photography in West Michigan.  All because I like people and I like making people happy.  It's simple, really.  I grew up learning about diverse cultures from being an Army brat (yay, military life!) and those experiences taught me that there is one thing binding humanity together: RELATIONSHIPS.  In my art, I want to engage the relationships people have with one another- pictures have no language, and yet you can feel the relationships, the shared joy, the emotion... my photography is meant to highlight those incredible bonds that you have with your loved ones. 

A few facts about who I am:

  • married mother of three humans and two furry things
  • loves: travel, Swarovski figurines, candy Nerds, being in nature, and pretending I can bake
  • passionate about adoption and foster care
  • born down South, lived in Germany and the Netherlands for my formative childhood, then moved to Michigan
  • obsessed with my job because it's seriously my "happy place"

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? Art is ever-evolving as life happens.  I am constantly developing and learning as technology changes!  I would consider my work to be authentic | real | honest.  Time spent in front of my camera is lighthearted and fun- it's completely okay if you aren't sure how to pose, feel like you smile awkward, or don't have a clue about where to go.  It's my mission to make your session or wedding special, easy, and enjoyable.  My goal is to provide you with meaningful imagery, stellar service, and walk away as friends for life