BOUDOIR. Contemporary glamour for women.


My sessions are called many things.  "Glamour...Boudoir...Modern Beauty...Contemporary Portraiture..."  But essentially it boils down to the idea that a fundamental desire in women is to feel beautiful.

As a person who is a bit uncomfortable with my own body (really, who ISN'T?), it is even more vital to me that my clients understand that my vision of boudoir is not raunchy or exhibitionist, but it is more about showcasing the beautiful aspects of my clients.  You are deserving of that beautiful feeling of being totally and utterly YOU and these sessions are designed to tap into that.

Essentially, to me, boudoir is about that moment when a woman realizes she is gorgeous and worth the luxury and attention of a glamorous session.  It's not about what you wear or about what you reveal- it's about flaunting your soul and connecting with the viewer in a lasting portrait that will be enjoyed for generations.  I want you to walk away with images that you are comfortable showing off.

 It's also that moment where the client looks through the final images and exclaims, "Wow! That's me? I look so beautiful!"  No, doll- that's just you; you ARE beautiful.  It's about celebrating the curves, the dimples, the allure of womanhood.

Boudoir sessions are laid back and fun- I believe happiness and fun are sexy.  I believe being comfortable is sexy.  I want you be be relaxed and open with me as your photographer.  For me, the natural quality of a woman is enough to exude sensuality without having to be overtly sexy.  I never ask a client to show more skin than she is comfortable with- the idea is to create a portrait without revealing all your bits.  But ultimately, YOU decide whether you would like a boudoir or a modern beauty session. 

Whenever you want.  I recommend booking your session date around 4 weeks from your deadline- but the earlier to book the better!  If you book early, chances are that you can get a great selection of prime dates.  My studio is located in the Walldorff building downtown Hastings on the second floor, by appointment only.  Lots of awesomeness in that gorgeous building!  Rain, snow, sleet? Who cares- we'll be warm and cozy laughing it up in the dry studio.

At a session, you would arrive a bit early for makeup and hair and we'll chat more about your ideas and goals for your session and go through your outfits.  You are provided a list of ideas and suggestions of things to bring to your session as well as essential tips for health and wellness during the week before your session.  I do a series of posing with you to warm up, and then we simply move into your own natural movements.  Before you know it- you're done!

Your privacy is a priority to me.  I will only share the images with your express consent- your images are ONLY shared with potential clients in studio samples and NEVER publicly unless you have given me permission to do so.  I DO love to post a blog about the sessions every now and then- many of my clients don't mind, and some prefer to limit the images to non-identifying.  I also tend to use vague initials for the names to protect identity.  I will never use images of you without your approval.


After battling Postpartum depression and anxiety, my confidence was at an all time low. I decided I wanted to do something for me, so I contacted Laura for help. My boudoir session was lively and fun! Laura made me feel comfortable and confident. It was the most fun I had had since becoming a new mom.
— Molly 2018


  • session fee of $295 due at booking
  • includes professional hair and full makeup done on site
  • assistance with planning your session and outfits
  • tips and tricks to look your best for your portraits
  • all boudoir clients meet back at the studio after about 2 weeks (give or take) for their in-person Reveal meeting where they enjoy 10% off products, a personal slideshow (bring tissues if you're emotional!), and any product design drafts

Sessions take a minimum of two hours including beauty time.  I suggest budgeting three hours into your schedule from start to finish.

All sessions can be styled to your liking- we can plan a sports theme, body painting, etheral woodland romance, fairytale, pinup/retro, or stick to a classic revved up glamour look (most popular).