Emma & Adam | Cherry Barc Farm Michigan Wedding

A glorious day last fall saw these two fun-birds getting married- and while I am noticing that I'm WAY behind on blogging last season's weddings, I aim to start catching up by leading with this amazing day. 

I've known Emma and her family for years and getting the chance to see her start her life as a married woman is something very special for me.  And THEN, come to find out a friend from high school is Adam's sister! (Whaaaa? - how did I NOT put that together!?!)  With all the love and support backing them as they celebrated becoming man and wife, it was hard not to get a little teary eyed throughout the day. 

Emma's makeup was spot on (Lexy Beauty nailed it!) and her dress was one of my favorites, ever.  Get a load of the back of it!  Swoon worthy. 

Cherry Barc Farm was the perfect setting for their day and I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for a laid back, elegant, and beautiful venue for their wedding or event.  A plethora of cool spots and glowy light made for stunning portraits, including our end-of-the-night star portrait in the vineyard.